1. Transportation – Renting of Light/Heavy Equipment

1. we providing any type of transportation services lke; transportation materials between the field by using heavy or light equipment (Flatbed, Lowboy, Pickup, Hiab, Head truck, etc) according to requirements of jobs.With commitment by safety roles of each, companies, the equipment will be supply with IMS devices with all safety materials.

2. Lifting Equipment – Mobile Cranes, Hiab, Manlift and Forklift, etc.

Nahj Al-Basra can provide any kind of lifting equipment (Mobile cranes, Forklift, Manlifts, Hiab,…etc) different sizes, Certified with certified accessories with lifting plan for each job.Because lifting operations are considered dangerous operations, and to avoid any accidents, all persons participating in the lifting operation are prepared and trained under the supervision of the HSE manager before starting these type of jobs.


3. Civil/Construction works.

We have an integrated team with good experience in the field of civil and construction works, which enables us to provide all services in this field in a well-organized manner.

The Below, our civil/Construction work services:

  • Filling, Leveling and compacting
  • Drilling work, ElectricianIn
  • stallation of    water and sewage works.
  • Painting , Cleaning , Sandblast works.
  • Supplying and Installing pipes, plumbing work.
  • Camp    installation,  caravans, foundations, lighting,  water connection,  sewage, water pumps,  hesco, furniture offices, partition    wooden  and glass.
  • Supplying and Installing pipes, plumbing work.
  • Supplying Installing BRC,and gates,




4- Manufacturing  work,  Fabrication  services, sand cleaning, welding services

  • Supply and install Shades, K-span shade, Smoking area.
  • Fabrication of gates, shelves, tanks, racks, stairs and handrail.
  • Wooden Boxes
  • All welding works, by experienced and certified
  • Manufacturing  of electrical waterproof panels

5- Providing all kind of caravans, containers and red sea

Providing and renting all kind of caravan

  • Mobile caravans
  • Offices caravans
  • Toilet caravans
  • Storage caravans and




6- Supplying different materials

All materials are from good origin and of high quality

  • Furniture Pumps.
  • Stationary and Sports Generators  and air Supply. compressors.
  • General and Medical
  • Oil Supplies.
  • Hand tools.
  • Gardens Supplies.

7- Supplying and storage of chemical materials

Nahj Al-Basra can provide any kind of chemical materials with good specification from certified and licensed resources.Chemical storage warehouses can also be provided according to the safety requirements required to store such materials in order to protect them from any possible damage or damage caused by improper storage.